The plants are certainly springing up now and Spring is very much in evidence even though it won’t be properly Spring until the Equinox occurs in five weeks’ time. Temperatures have been low for the past few weeks, but there’s only been a few nights of heavy frost. Soil temperatures are way up on last year and that is the deciding factor for Springtime. Here, for example, are Alexanders, not only above ground, but already blooming in a hedgerow:

When there are flowers to feed on, then there will be insects to feed on them.

Incredibly, there are already a small few Red Currants blooming in hedgerows. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any quite so early:

However, among the animal kingdom there is still the sense it is winter, and down on the wetlands along the coast of Wicklow you can see wintering Black-tailed Godwits:

   But probably more striking are the huge flocks of Lapwing, aka Green Plover or Peewit (the latter due to it’s “pee-wit” call). These beautiful birds are as striking in flight as they are on the ground, having enormous wings for their size. The green on their backs and wings shimmers in the sunlight:

We’re entering the most exciting time of year, and the cherry blossoms are already on the trees.

However, for me the most exciting sight, so far, has been a tiny Early Violet, as small as the nail on a pinky finger, newly blooming and with two tiny insects inside the flower, a Greenfly Aphid and a minute Thrip. Can you see them? When the insects appear spring has really begun:

Keep your eyes peeled, because you never know what you might see next.


2 thoughts on “Springing”

  1. How wonderful to see spring happening in your area. We, in southern Ontario, are under snow and ice and snow and with another ice storm in for forecast for this afternoon. Sigh!

    (P.S. Fleur-Ange, via DNA testing and Ancestry.com, has discovered that she has more Irish than French in her ancestry makeup. What a surprise for her!)

  2. Great to hear from you, Dean! We are having a very mild winter this year and spring has definitely staked its claim. Fleur-Ange is going to have to increase her Guinness uptake now, for health reasons. ; )

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