Can Hedgehogs climb?

As you can see from this photo, yes, they can. In fact, they have been discovered to be able to climb the tallest of countryside stone walls. This particular individual comes every night to steal cat food, which is normalyl positioned at the top of the wall. She has a habit of knocking the bowl off. At this time of the year hedgehogs are fattening up for winter hibernation. If they don’t get enough fat on them they can die from starvation before completing hibernation.
Tonight I will try to video her climbing the blocks. Wish me luck!

A hedgehog taking dried cat food from the top of a stack of concrete blocks, but hedgehogs are known to climb much higer than this.

2 thoughts on “Can Hedgehogs climb?”

  1. Although it is still May the hedgehog in my backyard is already quite chubby. I am hoping that it cannot squeeze through the narrow wires on the fence I have all around my garden. Something did nibble my jalapeƱo pepper plant but didn’t kill it altogether.
    I bought the fence at Lowe’s but there is still space under it which might be enough for the hedgehog to squeeze under, but I am planning to fill the space with 2×2 boards cut to fit today.
    I saw him in my neighbors yard yesterday and let out a loud growl a couple of times to scare him hoping he doesn’t come onto my property as a consequence?
    Nothing is quite so saddening as finding all my seedlings nibbled down to the ground by a hedgehog. I have trapped a couple in havaheart traps and taken them to a park in the next town to let them go over the years. Once I trapped a raccoon who ran like hell when I let him go. Raccoons will take down every corn plant when it is too soon to expect one to be ripe.
    What gardeners must endure!

  2. Hedgehogs don’t eat plants. They eat slugs, snails, insects and even rodents occasionally. I think you might be confusing the presence of the hedgehog with the actual culprit, which is probably something else. What part of the world are you living in? Hedgehogs are known as ‘the gardener’s friend’ because they eat pest species. They also have huge territories because they need to hunt a lot.

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