2 thoughts on “The Hedgehog showed up… but”

  1. Hi. We have a hedgehog in our front garden who visits every night. Unfortunately he’s now down in a steel tube about 300millimeters deep that is going to eventually support a pole. He’s curled up asleep just now. Do you think he will be able to climb out ok? I cant get my hands alongside him to get him out as he’s a tight fit in there

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding. It sounds like the hedgehog might have been trapped in that tube, although it might have been hibernating still, in which you had only a short time to wait. The best thing to do is usually contact the local Society for the Protection of Animals as they deal with similar problems everyday, and will know the legal issues. Technically you’re not supposed to disturb hibernating animals, but if it’s trapped in the tube it’s another story. Hibernation might have been prolonged this year due to the cold spring. I would put some dog food and peanut butter outside the tube and wait until night. If the hedgehog is well and not trapped it will definitely come out for those foods.

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