My Spring

Anyone who has been reading this blog recently will be aware that I already photographed flowering crocuses in my garden. However, these crocuses were only planted last autumn and their behaviour could be dependent on a number of factors. But, now there is a much more important crocus flowering in my garden:

Early Crocus photographed today, and the best indicator of the beginning of spring.
Early Crocus photographed today, and the best indicator of the beginning of spring.

Since the blog began a few years ago, some of you might remember that the plants I normally use as the definitive marker of spring are a small number of Early Crocuses (Crocus tommasinianus). I studied these flowers for a decade (among a number of other possible spring markers) and discovered that they were the very best indicators of an end to snow and the beginning of spring weather. Unfortunately due to an incredibly mild winter last year I didn’t see them at all, possibly because they bloomed earlier than I was expecting them to do. And then a family-member dug a flowerbed very near to where they usually grew, so I suspected these crocuses had been accidentally dug up.

Fortunately, today I just happened to be in the garden when I spotted one newly blooming Early Crocus with another flower nearby just about to unfurl. Even in some of our snowiest years they flowered earlier than this date in February. Now is roughly a week earlier than they normally begin appearing, according to most field guides. With that in mind I think I can say it is a more typical spring, and good weather is finally, and reliably on the way following over a week of rain.

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