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One to watch out for – the Treecreeper

This is an excellent time of year to spot Treecreepers. The Treecreeper is a bird about the size of a sparrow, with excellently camouflaged brown feathers with a bright white belly, that makes it look like a broken piece of timber. This is a good look to have, as the Treecreeper, like its name suggests, lands on the bottom trunks of trees and crawls slowly up the bark looking for tiny insects hiding in little gaps and recesses in the bark. In order to get these little creatures it has an incredible beak, which is shaped like a curved tweezers, or needle-nose pliers. This is a common and widespread bird in Wicklow, but one of the least seen, and probably the least photographed because it moves unnoticed in the shade of trees. The photo below was taken by me two days ago, but it’s not great due to the low light. But you can perfectly see the strange beak of this remarkable, little known bird.

Treecreeper - Certhia familiaris - doing what it does best. Look out for these birds on tree trunks throughout Wicklow. Hard to spot, and hard to notice too, even when you're looking at them.