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The Incredible Skies of November Wicklow

In some ways it is a great shame that November is the quietest month for tourists visiting Wicklow. November in particular gives us our most spectacular skies. Why they are so amazing in November is undoubtedly due to a combination of factors such as the angle of the autumn sun, atmospheric moisture and pressure, and the lie of the land, particularly the Wicklow Mountains and hill. Much more sholuld be made of this spectacle. There should be a cloud festival in November and buses bringing painters and photographers to the best vantage points. In this, the quietest month, we could truly celebrate nature in a way that no one does. Until that time the skies are left to the connoisseurs of light and cloud.

I took this photo of the sky at sunset yesterday with my trusty little Canon camera. The palm tree adds something exotic, but these cordyline trees are extremely common in Wicklow gardens. They are known as Cornwall Palms, although they are not actually true palm trees at all.