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Spider Times: a video

It’s that time of the year again, and to help you identify those arachnids which are showing up in your gardens and around your homes here is a little video I made to help with identification. Arachnophobes might find some of the images a little frightening, but they’re over and done with quite quickly, so don’t be too frightened. Remember, I’m on the other side of the camera, between you and the spiders. You’re completely safe. And they don’t want to hurt you anyway.


An Early Autumn

Sadly our summer was not up to much this year, with only a couple of warm weeks in early August. However, I did find one beautiful creature which I have never seen before, or since – a tiny species of Soldier Beetle, Malthinus flaveolus.

A stunning little beetle, Malthinus flaveolus.
A stunning little beetle, Malthinus flaveolus.

We have now entered the time of year when wasp numbers are at their highest and spiders are on the move, alarming many people. Bee populations seem to have crashed in the last few weeks, with the temperatures struggling against a chilly north wind, but there have been wasp stings and some spider encounters, including one bite received from a False Widow which was reported to me yesterday, so I made a little video describing how best to treat stings and bites, and I hope it will be found useful:

I’m working on a little video about spiders which I hope will be also useful and am going to have that up on the blog as soon as possible. Please feel free to comment as feedback and ideas are always welcome. If you feel there are shortcomings in what I deal with don’t be afraid to point them out and I’ll try and deal with them or cover them at a later time.

A Video Identity Guide to Autumn Irish Spiders

This is a little rough and ready video programme I recorded and which my brother Owen edited together to help people identify spiders they find around their houses in Autumn. There’s a little more to come but this should explain a lot, if you can put up with my voice for 18 mins: