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You Can’t Tax Your Way Out of Environmental Destruction

One month ago the United Nations published an official paper detailing the sheer level of destruction the natural world is suffering at human hands.

The same size as a honey bee, and very similar, but this is a Chocolate Mining Bee, which is probably the most common of all bees at this time of year. Instead of pollen sacs on its legs this female has special hairs which pollen sticks too, and which you can see here very clearly.

The U.N. divided the problem into three separate principal causes, starting with the direct destruction of nature, usually for financial gain. The second cause was indirect destruction by pollution, or other side effects of industry or human activity, which could be dumping of plastics in the sea or the clearing of land to build houses on, or any other number of side-effects. The third on the list was Climate Change.
However, by the end of the week most of the media had changed the story, suggesting that environmental destruction was a mere side-effect of Climate Change, and ‘pundits’ were clamouring for carbon taxes. This is very dangerous reasoning because carbon taxes are nothing much more than a licence to politicians to do absolutely NOTHING about environmental destruction, while making the lives of ordinary people more difficult.

Governments love taxes and will always be more than happy to impose them. The problem with carbon taxes is that they are supposed to be a deterrent, but big business and heavy industry, who should be taxed, will instead, with the complicity of politicians, externalise these taxes so that they are passed on to the public while they continue to pay as little tax as possible into economies of the countries hosting them. It doesn’t matter what the excuse, politicians will happily go along with any idea which allows them to tax the public – the public NOT Big Business.

It is very important to remember that most big newspapers and media corporations are owned by the same people who do most of the environmental destruction. They buy into media in order to push their own agendas. And state broadcasters are largely controlled by governments and therefore they too are controlled and must toe-the-line, and push the messages their political masters want pushed on the public.

A beautiful Gold Spot moth, which is on the wing right now. Keep an eye for them – they come to lights and night time windows.

The problem with carbon taxes is they amount to the turning of a practical problem into a mathematical equation, allowing governments to claim they are doing something, when they’re not, while allowing those who destroy the environment to continue to do so unopposed. Occasionally fines are imposed on the nation-states that pollute too much, or produce too much carbon, but they can then BUY carbon ‘credits’ from poorer nations which are not polluting. It’s all a completely ridiculous situation , and surely encourages environmental destruction?

A certain amount of pragmatism is always necessary – to live is to use resources. There’s no escaping that. But we should be aiming to stop destructive  practices, not creating carefully orchestrated systems which allow and encourage them to continue while forcing ordinary people to hand over their hard-earned money while giving them nothing in return. Because NOTHING is what carbon taxes amount to. Carbon taxes are the same as the selling of Indulgences, when the Church literally sold people places in heaven – they have no use here on earth. They are impractical and entirely corruptible.

If you really want to understand the problems the environment faces then the very best documentary on the subject is this 21 minute-long gem, the Story of Stuff, which is so good it will change your life:


A Very Crazy Spring – Winter Returns with a Vengeance

Only last week the weather was improving so much, and the spring flowers all blooming so brilliantly, that it seemed spring was truly here and here to stay. I even saw my first hoverfly, which was, unusually for our spring, a Drone Fly (Eristalis species):

But this week everything went crazy, with the arrival of the so-called “Beast from the East”, a fierce cold weather system bringing snow and freezing temperatures to all of Europe from Siberia. Just as I was winding down using the bird-feeders in my garden they suddenly became vitally important to birds in the cold weather, and were also getting the attention of many rodents, including one particularly handsome and determined Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus).  Here it is climbing out of the leaf litter next to the tree holding the feeders, just at sunset:

One night I even managed to get a video of the mouse climbing on a peanut-feeder, a tiny creature with huge eyes and ears, and a long tail:

However, there were also some less welcome visitors, such as two young Brown Rats (Rattus norvegicus), which were not quite so cute, and a lot bigger than the mouse, but equally interesting in their cheekiness:

   The cold weather inspired some incredible behaviour in some of the wildlife. Probably the most amazing thing I have seen in some years was a flock of desperate crows, Rooks (Corvus frugilegus) to be exact, who were managing to take food off the carefully-designed “crow proof” small bird feeders. One of them was even hovering like a hummingbird! Watch and be amazed:

The bad weather doesn’t end there though – tonight a huge rain storm from the Bay of Biscay, Storm Emma, collides with the Beast from the East and we have a Red Weather Warning, the highest level, only used once before and, ironically, only a few months ago when Hurricane Ophelia made for the island of Ireland. This time, it’s for snow drifts. Hopefully the wildlife will not suffer too much.

Spider Times: a video

It’s that time of the year again, and to help you identify those arachnids which are showing up in your gardens and around your homes here is a little video I made to help with identification. Arachnophobes might find some of the images a little frightening, but they’re over and done with quite quickly, so don’t be too frightened. Remember, I’m on the other side of the camera, between you and the spiders. You’re completely safe. And they don’t want to hurt you anyway.