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Butterflies, Moths and Moorhens

We are now in deep Autumn and, although the Met service will declare the first day of December the start of Winter, usually winter does not take effect until after the Winter Solstice. For the first time in many weeks I spotted a butterfly basking in the sun, albeit on an unseasonably warm day. It was a Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae), a species which hibernates:

With any luck this one will also be basking in the sunlight of next spring. I observed it for quite a while and watched as it finally entered an old wooden nest box. Hopefully it will vacate the premises before any spring breeding birds move in and eat it.

While butterflies more properly belong to the warmer months there are moth species which only appear in autumn. One very handsome species which you might see, and which will soon be finished for the year is the Feathered Thorn (Colotois pennaria)  – the male has antennae that resemble feathers:

   In August I was in the Herbert Park in Dublin when I spotted a family of birds which are common in Wicklow, but almost impossible to see here because they are so shy and the ponds and lakes they inhabit are often on private land. These birds are Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus) and, incredibly I saw young chicks and was able to record them over a period of months as they grew to full size – here is the video I made about them and I hope you enjoy it:

Bees and Frogs

In the last few days a small number of Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) have been arriving in gardens to collect pollen from the early blooming flowers, of which there are quite a few these days. Getting a half-decent photo in the early light of spring is another story, but I think I just about managed one or two.

One of the first Honey Bees I've seen this year.
One of the first Honey Bees I’ve seen this year.

Two days ago I found my first frogspawn of the year, although there are reports of it from all over Ireland at this point. Frogspawn always puts the seal on spring. But spring is also a long and dramatic change in Wicklow, and my own favourite time of year. In Ireland we have only one species of gfrog (so far), the European Common Frog, Rana temporaria, but there is also one species of toad, the Natterjack or Running Toad, Epidalea calamita, which is so far only found in the southwest of Ireland, mostly in Kerry. But we also have one other amphibian species, which is found in Wicklow, the Smooth Newt, Triturus vulgaris, and I hope to get some decent photos of this species this year, although it is difficult to see in ponds, being quite small and shy.

Like a cluster of little jewels, frogspawn in a Wicklow pond, covered in duckweed.
Like a cluster of little jewels, frogspawn in a Wicklow pond, covered in duckweed.