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The Re-awakening

Wicklow has a bundle of microclimates, but can mostly be divided into east and west of the mountains. Most people live on the eastern side, which is sheltered mostly from the north and west winds. It mainly gets cold in the east when there is an easterly winter wind, which is not very common. Because Ireland is fed warm waters from the Caribbean via the Gulf Stream current spring usually comes earlier than any other area of the world at our latitude. St. Brigid’s Day (1st February) is traditionally the first day of the Irish spring. St. Brigid was not a genuine saint, but a much older pan-European goddess whose cult refused to die in the face of Christianity, despite the best efforts of the priesthood. In the end they had to incorporate her into Christianity by making her a saint. As a goddess she was identifiable with mothers and birth.
The Early Crocus is the most reliable sign of the arrival of spring. My studies suggest that won’t flower until the last snows have gone. This one appeared in mid-February.

A colourful sign of things to come.